Thursday, September 17, 2009

Producer's Log Day: First Episode (Almost) in the Can!

Okay, so let me start this off by saying if you go back a few posts I finally got the weirdly messed up html coding on Thurs. Sept. 10th to work and there is now magically an entry there! (Wonder why it didn't post to the top? This is exactly why I'm not an IT guy... though sometimes I wish I was. Well, not the guy part. Except maybe a little when I go camping.)


Went and shot our anchor stand-ups for the show yesterday to wrap everything up, and I snapped a few stills while we were there:

You know, that's the only thing about these "virtual sets" that I'm not crazy about. Looks great after post, but just not as exciting for the stills I share with you guys!!!

I also shot this little update as a follow up to yesterday last night, and all I can say is here it is:

OH! And I went to the USC v. Ohio State game in 3-D at the Galen Center last weekend and will have a post with pictures and chaos from that as well up at some point today. Heyyyoooo!!! (Sorry- XL Slurpee is never, wait, always? no probably never a good idea. Except most of the time. Maybe I should take a lap now before my hyper spreads across the interwebs...)

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