Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Producer's Log: Day 1

So P.S. Happy Labor Day everyone! I totally forgot to mention that a) Friday was my last day of old FTJ (full time job) and b) nothing was getting posted Friday night because I went out to celebrate the new transition and am smart enough to know that nice cameras and Hollywood outings don't always mix and c) nothing was going to get posted over the 3 day weekend because I still have not set up internet at my new place.


Rest assured chillins, I will be posting Monday through Friday unless there is a holiday or unless I am doing something so super important on a weekend that I must write about it.

Sooo... okay! On to Day 1 at the new job.

First day was pretty mentally exhausting, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. Lots of research for stories, lots of trying to avoid my constant search for cohesion between topics (as I'm used to doing with "WHLA?",) and LOTS of trying not to feel overwhelmed by everything at once. Though I've gotta say, the minute I began to break the project down into little bitty steps, it started to make a lot more sense. Prior to arriving at this realization I was pretty much at a total loss, trying to create a format for a show without any stories. But, as I have mentioned before (and as I should've know better!!!) the story always comes first! And the moment that I went back to this fundamental logic was the moment that everything began falling into place.

So now, armed with a pack of post-its and a handful of note pads, I am ready to tackle anything that comes my way... I hope?

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