Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Community = <3

I went and caught a screening of the new NBC show "Community" last night at LACC with my friend Danielle (her blog is here) and I gotta say, I'm kind of digging this show so far.

Starring Joel McHale and Chevy Chase among many other talented actors, this program shows a lot of potential to not only have a decent storyline, but plenty of laughs as well. A good portion of it is actually shot at LACC, and it was super cool that just about all of the cast (and the producer!) showed up for the Q&A last night. Really shows these guys are standing 100% behind their work here. I'm impressed. Another pic from last night's session:

Yes, that would be Joel showing off his "ROTC" boots to the guy that asked, "What's with the boots?" Chevy was feeling a little less than manly in his "princess slippers" next to Joel, but dealt with the whole thing fairly well. I was also pleasantly surprised that the audience questions were a good mix of show related and random, and the answers followed suit to a T, each one more hilarious than the next. NBC had a ton of cameras there, so hopefully they'll post some video of it on their Facebook page in the next few days.

Oh! And they hooked us up with some sweet sweatshirt schwag, which I probably should've taken a picture of before I got back inside my 100 degree apartment and became a big melting snowman of a mess. (Also should've checked the mirror before rocking a full-faced smile. Nice reception snackums I'm apparently saving for later up in the front there. Ugh.)

Until this little gem of a show airs, here's a reminder about when that's going to happen for those of you who don't feel like reading anymore. (I know I don't!)

UPDATE: NBC has added the Q&A panels- check them out here!


  1. I am so jealous that you got to see Joel McHale in person! He is dreamy in a sarcastic kind of way.

  2. I know! I love Joel... he's even dreamier in person. Too bad he's taken... booo!